Mental Mastery

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[headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered color=”#000000″]MENTAL MASTERY FOR RUNNERS[/headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered]

Mental Mastery 4 Disc Set

[headline_georgia_small_centered color=”#000000″]The Premier Audio Series for Unlocking the Power of the Mind[/headline_georgia_small_centered]

From the running shoes of Scott Welle…

I was a head case growing up. In the first sports I played (namely football, basketball and golf), I got by mostly on raw athletic ability and hand-eye coordination. For the most part, I performed pretty well. But I almost never performed my best when it mattered the most.

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]I was mentally weak.[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

I can beat around the bush with a bunch of fluff, but the bottom line was, I lacked confidence. I placed limitations on myself and doubted my capabilities. I thought if I just worked harder and practiced more, everything would work itself out.

It never did.

(Ahhh, if I only knew then what I know now…)

This was long before I understood sport psychology, yet alone practiced any amount of mental training. Even when I first started running, I didn’t believe I was capable of running certain times because “I wasn’t a runner.” What the heck does that mean anyway? Did I miss a class I was supposed to take that would make me “a runner?

Fast forward to today and I see these same problems plaguing runners, of all ability levels, running all distances. They’ll train hard, buy this year’s model of running shoes, use the latest gel totting “sequential carbs” and accelerated fat burn, and maybe even invest in a sport massage or two.

But nothing changes.

Maybe they battle chronic injuries or maybe they keep missing their goals times, but the frustration is evident. No matter what they do, they don’t get the results they want.

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]It probably never occurs to them that what may be holding them back has nothing to do with physical – it has everything to do with MENTAL.[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

By now, you’ve seen the articles. The data doesn’t lie. Ask any successful athlete what their greatest advantage is and they will tell you it is their MIND. What percentage of running (or anything, for that matter) do you consider to be mental? Now ask yourself, how much time do you spend on mental training?

It used to be a stigma that there had to be something “wrong” with you to do mental training or work with a sport psychologist. No longer! Now, you show me any successful athlete (or person in general), I’ll show you someone who has full control over their attitude, concentration, thought patterns and ability to deal with adversity.

Mental Mastery for Runners is about setting the record straight. I passionately created this 4-Disc Audio Series with everything I know about the sport psychology practices of the highest performing athletes on the planet and applied it specifically to RUNNING.

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]Trust me, no one does this stuff…and that’s probably why there are so many frustrated runners out there.[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

The information below details exactly what is in the program. If it resonates with you, please give it a shot. Interestingly enough, these same exact principles that will unlock the potential in your running will also unlock the potential in all areas of life.

Remember, the game changes when you condition the mind like you condition the body.

In mental toughness,

Creator, Run M5

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Mental Mastery for Runners is a 4-disc premier audio program that allows runners to gain focus, find clarity, develop a strategy and truly master the power of the human mind. It combines advanced sport psychology techniques for visualization, confidence, relaxation, recovery and finding “the zone,” so every performance can be a peak performance. You’ll be unstoppable!

[headline_tahoma_large_left color=”#000000″]The Mental Mastery Audio Program Includes:

Mental Mastery Header Disc 1[/headline_tahoma_large_left][text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 1: Welcome to Mental Mastery for Runners[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3 link=”#” + target=”_self”]Welcome to Mental Mastery for Runners[/membership_download_item_mp3]The one non-negotiable, key component of improving your running is mental mastery. This module provides an overview of what Mental Mastery is and how to get the most out of the program.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 2: My Struggles and Successes[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3 link=”#” + target=”_self”]My Struggles and Successes[/membership_download_item_mp3]Scott reveals some of his raw, unedited struggles that you can learn from to make your own successes. It’s important to admit what your current limitations are mentally and to write your own success story. Never sell yourself short.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 3: The Mental Mastery Formula[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]The Mental Mastery Formula[/membership_download_item_mp3]EVERYONE is capable of getting stronger mentally. None of us engage in “brain training” nearly as much as we engage in “body training.” You must train the brain with the same focused consistency as you’d train your body and I give you the simple 3-part formula to make this happen.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 4: Running Goals & Redefining Your Limitations[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Running Goals & Redefining Your Limitations[/membership_download_item_mp3]Everyone knows goal setting is important. But very few people know how to do it correctly. This module shows you how to map out your goals AND your goal achievement strategies to get everything you want out of running.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 5: Imagery and Your Perfect Race[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Imagery and Your Perfect Race[/membership_download_item_mp3]ALL high level athletes use imagery. Why? Because you have to see it in your mind before you can do it in reality. Effective imagery is a game changer for your preparation, confidence and execution.


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Mental Mastery Header Disc 2[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 6: Where Mental Toughness Starts[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Where Mental Toughness Starts[/membership_download_item_mp3]So you think you’re mentally tough? Do you know what 5 things you MUST HAVE to be mentally tough in training and competition? This module describes what mentally tough athletes to differently to be unbeatable from the neck up.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 7: Pre-Race Nerves & Anxiety[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Pre-Race Nerves & Anxiety[/membership_download_item_mp3]Controlling your nerves and managing energy is everything when it comes to racing. ANY wasted energy is going to hurt your performance and we’ll show you how to manage your anxiety to be at your optimal individual level to perform your best.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 8: Motivation and Overtraining[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Motivation and Overtraining[/membership_download_item_mp3]Stop being tired and start being motivated! Daily! On command! Knowing how to spot signs of overtraining, fatigue and burnout (and stop it before it happens!) is critical to long-term progress and motivation.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 9: Deep Practice and ROI[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Deep Practice and ROI[/membership_download_item_mp3]Practice doesn’t make perfect – practice makes permanent. And if you want to make it count in training, you must appreciate running as a skill. It has specific fundamentals, and if you practice these fundamentals repeatedly, you WILL run smarter, faster and injury free.


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Mental Mastery Header Disc 3[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 10: Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt[/membership_download_item_mp3]The only way to change your level of fear and self doubt is to change your interpretation of a situation. We all have fear…whether we admit it or not. It limits us from performing to our fullest potential. This module shows you how to squash your fears and unleash total confidence.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 11: Peak Performance and Finding Flow I[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Peak Performance and Finding Flow I[/membership_download_item_mp3]Flow is where everything goes perfectly to maximize your individual potential as a runner. I break down the 6 steps you must go through to be there mentally on race day and execute your perfect race.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 12: Peak Performance and Finding Flow II[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Peak Performance and Finding Flow II[/membership_download_item_mp3]Peak performances don’t randomly come and go – you CREATE them. And when you know how to practice and “rehearse” for race day, you will be able to create peak performances almost at will. Yes, it CAN be done.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Module 13: The Finish Line[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]The Finish Line[/membership_download_item_mp3]Congrats! This module focuses on the ongoing challenge of CONTINUING to progress over time. Most people never realize what they’re capable of because they give up before they get there. This is about you seeking your greatest personal potential as a runner…and have fun in the process.


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Mental Mastery Header Disc 4[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Bonus #1: Expert Teleconference – Chris Goebel[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Expert Teleconference – Chris Goebel[/membership_download_item_mp3]Chris is an elite runner and is the current Cross Country Coach for Mora High School in MN. He still competes and most recently ran 56:35 at the TC 10 Mile. He shares his unique insights on goal setting, fitness and motivation. He wears shorts that are entirely too short and was also Scott’s neighbor growing up 🙂

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Bonus #2: Expert Teleconference – Kim Madrid[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Expert Teleconference – Kim Madrid[/membership_download_item_mp3]Kim “The Spider” Madrid is a mother of two and a successful Ironman triathlete and marathoner (recently running 3:17 at Chicago). She shares her wisdom on keeping life in “balance” with running, maintaining a positive attitude and how to best respond to adversity. She has an amazing inspirational story!

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Bonus #3: Race Pacing to a PR[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Race Pacing to a PR[/membership_download_item_mp3]Many people put in mile after mile and do not perform their best on race day because of a poor race pacing strategy. This bonus shares the necessary, key components to proper race pacing so you don’t WASTE the fitness you’ve worked so hard to build in training. This module brings the PR you’ve always wanted.

[text_bar_1_left background=”#333333″ + width=”100%”]Bonus #4: Your Personal Race Day Motivator[/text_bar_1_left][membership_download_item_mp3]Your Personal Race Day Motivator[/membership_download_item_mp3]This is your high energy jolt of race day motivation, with the 3 simple principles to remember to keep your performance in perspective, put you in “the zone,” and allow you to race to your fullest personal potential. Buckle up – this one will leave you super-charged at the start line!

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[two_columns_1]Mental Mastery Workbook[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2][headline_arial_medium_left color=”#333333″]The Digital Roadmap[/headline_arial_medium_left]

The Digital Training Roadmap is a comprehensive workbook that goes hand-in-hand with Mental Mastery for Runners. It contains key takeaways and strategies from the program, as well as areas for personalized notes and journaling so you can get better results, faster.[/two_columns_2]

Mental Mastery Training Roadmap

[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”2px”][headline_arial_medium_left color=”#333333″]So, these are the goods…[/headline_arial_medium_left][green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Mental Mastery for Runners 4-Disc audio program
  • 2 Expert Teleconference BONUS downloads
  • Race Pacing to a PR and Your Personal Race Day Motivator BONUS downloads
  • Mental Mastery for Runners Training Roadmap (workbook that goes with the program)


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[headline_arial_medium_left color=”#333333″]But that’s not all :-)[/headline_arial_medium_left][green_plus_list width=”100%”]

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably accessed the Run M5 Video Vault and see the videos on running drills, strength training and flexibility. Well, for a LIMITED TIME you’ll also receive the Run M5 Video Vault on DVD. Watch it where you want, when you want…regardless of whether you have online access.

Run M5 Video Vault DVDRun M5 Video Vault DVD


[headline_arial_medium_left color=”#333333″]Oh yeah, one more thing…[/headline_arial_medium_left]

Also included on the Video Vault DVD is The Ultimate Running Webinar (a $29.97 value). This was a closed webinar that I did for my private clients and it’s, still, my most popular webinar of all time. Anyone looking to run smarter, faster and injury free will eat up this content. Improvements are immediate.

Ultimate Running Webinar Bundle

Here’s a snapshot of what is included in The Ultimate Running Webinar:

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  • Learn the ONLY 3 things that matter when it comes to running fitter and faster
  • Discover how proper speedwork can transform your running, and why almost everyone does this wrong
  • Lessen impact forces so you have more energy and stamina, with less aches and pains
  • Understand the best way to build strength through (and a great butt) quality hill work
  • Uncover the biggest mistakes poor runners make that cause them to get injured
  • Realize how you can see greater improvements in less time, with less effort

[/red_tick_list]The power of The Ultimate Running Webinar is in the VISUALS and the step-by-step instruction. This video shows you all you need to succeed.[/features_box_grey]

[headline_arial_medium_left color=”#333333″]So, just to recap…[/headline_arial_medium_left]

You’ll receive the following with your purchase of Mental Mastery for Runners:

Mental Mastery Bundle

Yes, that’s the Mental Mastery for Runners 4-Disc Audio Program, Digital Training Roadmap, Run M5 Video Vault DVD ($29.99 value) and The Ultimate Running Webinar ($29.97 value). This 4-in-1 bundle covers everything to take your running to the next level…faster and easier. GRAB IT NOW!

Wishing you an amazing day and always the best of smarter, faster and injury free running,

Creator, Run M5

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